About Us

When it comes to product and performance, Regard Resources does what is best for our customers.

Regard Resources has a large selection of gas plants and equipment in inventory. We customize, engineer, manufacture, install and service our equipment to meet the needs of our customers in gas processing. Our staff can also help you locate equipment for your specific needs. Give us a call with your equipment requirements and design conditions. We’ll be happy to offer our proposal.

​With the expertise of our engineers, the powerful WINSIM simulation software accurately identifies the required square footage of the heat exchangers, the required refrigeration load, the liquid production, and very importantly, the characteristics of the residue gas.

We have enjoyed international recognition as a reasonable, reliable, and responsive source of professional engineering, design, procurement, installation and operation of Joule-Thompson units, refrigeration systems, amine systems, dehydrators, and associated processing vessels.



President and owner, Raymond Regard, received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University in 1981 and has gained in excess of 30 years of invaluable oil and gas experience.


Since 1985, Regard Resources Company has been providing gas processing equipment and services, offering processing upgrades and meeting pipeline specs.


With the use of the very powerful WINSIM computer program, we can accurately produce a process simulation which would give the customer valuable information such as residue BTU, residue hydrocarbon deszpoint, volume shrinkage and LPG production.

Management Team

Raymond Regard
Eric Regard
Operations Manager